The Night A Bull Took My Girls Ass

It all started even before the night that I assisted my girlfriend get fucked in her butt – as I ate her pussy, as her bull choked her and made her beg for his cum. It had been even before she begged and cried out for him to cum in her ass, afterwards telling me he had been hurting her tight asshole at the point. Everything began with a group text.

“I want her to wear a lot of makeup and dress like a whore. I would like to make her my slut.”

This was the Bull’s petition.

She appeared from her phone and her eyebrows quickly jumped up and then returned to their regular position. She wished to comply.

I read my girlfriend’s response.

“Yes, sir.”

As she rushed to put more makeup , I responded.

“We will see you soon. Front door’s unlocked.”

I grabbed my phone from its charger and made sure the door has been unlocked.

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My girlfriend returned and looked at herself in the mirror, pulling her mini skirt up a little more.

I pulled out my dick out and advised her to,”Be a good girl for daddy.” She started to bob up and down.

A few minutes had passed , and she had started to take it deeper and deeper. She continued to suck my dick deep in her throat while trying to tell me something.

“Tha- Ugh- He”

I asked as I pushed her head completely down until her nose was pressed into my foundation.

“Thank you, daddy” she tried to mutter.

The door opened before shutting and locking. Boot footsteps walked closer to us greeting.

He took off his hoodie and kicked off his boots. He had a backpack with him which he pulled a large dildo from as he kicked off his trousers and boxers.

“Come here, slut,” he said as my girlfriend looked at him with my dick still in her throat. She backed off of the bed and crawled over to where he was, in front of the tall mirror against the wall.

He reached his hand into her mouth before smearing her makeup along with her own spit.

He pushed her head down to his balls as I pointed out my phone at them and hit the red circle on the screen. She took them into her mouthand put her hands on his big penis, stripping it as he rolled his eyes again in pleasure.

I handed the telephone to him because she moved out of his balls into his dick. I picked up where she left off with his balls, feeling him push down her head and onto his dick until she gagged.

She wasn’t utilized to his huge dick, but he did not care. She stopped sucking on his dick for a moment before going back , letting him fuck her throat much deeper than he had been.

He asked her if she was getting wet being his little slut. She replied in between the thrusts.

. Do.”

I changed underneath her body at a 69 position because she continued to get throat fucked. I bit on her thighs, and pushed my head into her still-clothed body.

He stopped to pull her tits out and also to slap her across her face.

She liked it. I could feel her pussy get wetter with each slap throughout the face.

He reached into his back and pulled out a bottle of lube, squirting some onto the dildo he’d held. He said two words.

She pulled her mouth off of his dick and it left a cork-like noise since it popped out of her lips which were still sucking.

She stood up and pulled off her clothes into the side.

“You,” he said ,”Get underneath her and eat her out.”

“Suck my dick and spread your ass.”

She bent over a little so that she could spread her cheeks apart. He started to push the dildo into her buttocks.

I really could see the dildo move inside her slightly with each push. He guided her as she even more enthusiastically currently deep throated his dick.

“Relax your asshole… Alright, now push slightly. Yes, very good girl.”

I watched him perform this dildo into her buttocks as I slurped up her pussy juice.

He was pumping the dildo in and out of her buttocks while she had been throat fucking herself onto his dick.

I could listen to the noise of his dick hitting the back of her throat and it left my dick harden to its fullest inside of my trousers.

He took a second dildo out of his backpack and began to pump it in and out of her pussy.

She was getting fucked in her ass & her pussy, getting her clit sucked , and forcing a dick down her throat.

He advised me to catch the dildo which has been within her pussy. I listened.

He pulled another dildo from her ass and moved himself behind her, positioning his dick for her asshole.

She began talking extra dirty, now that her throat was apparent.

Please? Fuck me hard. Use me!”

He slipped his dick into her ass and began slamming into her.

I could feel her pushing back her body and right into his.

She tried to throw down her head but he gripped her hair closely and yanked it back so that she was watching herself in the mirror.

“Who’s my slut?” he asked.

“I am!” She cried as he gripped her throat tightly.

“You like when I come over and fuck your ass?”

She cried, throwing her body back and to his thrusting hips.

“Oh… My… God…” she muttered to himself as he thrust into her ass even faster now, his balls slapping against my head as I struggled to maintain my tongue on her clit.

I thought to myself just how much I had wanted to be in that position like that.

His balls kept slapping against my head as my girlfriend moaned and grunted.

“Yes!” She yelled. “Fuck me. Make me your bitch.”

“That asshole is minebitch.” “Say it.”

“It is yours,” she moaned. “That ass is all yours.”

“Do you like being my slut?” he asked.


“I love being your filthy little slut!” She cried. “Please cum in my ass!”

“You want my cum?”

Yes! Yes! Please cum in me!”

“Watch yourself,” he stated as he grabbed her round the throat and moved her hair from her face as he slammed deep into her ass. “Watch me cum in your ass.”

She looked at herself in the mirror with her makeup smeared across her face as he choked her and fucked he buttocks; as I licked her clit and held the dildo as deep inside her pussy as it might go.

“Oh… My… God…” she said as she looked at herself becoming used.

“I’m cumming,” he explained just minutes afterwards, as he pulled almost all the way from her butt before slamming it back and maintaining it there.”

Her eyes stayed wide open as his hands gripped her hair and pulled it back.

I pulled the dildo out of her and saw him pull his dick out of her ass.

She fell down onto me, panting heavily.

He went to use the bathroom and put his clothes back on.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked .